The Art of Entertainment

Two Artists you NEED to know in 2018

Please help us welcome Peter Farmer and Ryan Joseph to our exclusive roster.

We are always on the look-out for the most engaging, stylish and creative live performers that we can collaborate with and share with YOU! Astound your audience with customized artwork or let the artist live paint the party as it happens!

Peter Farmer

Peter is a British artist residing in Toronto. He paints internationally, his work featured in major galleries such as Musée des Beaux Arts and the MAC – Musée d’Art Contemporain. Peter creates live paintings at events and customizes your vision. While the painting is being created your guests will be engaged and entertained as the masterpiece develops in front of their eyes. 

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Ryan Joseph

What drives Ryan Joseph is his imagination and creative prowess. Ryan Joseph began his journey in the art world as a self-taught artist. Living and working in Toronto, he has poured his life experiences into his art. His style is abstract figurative. He uses vivid and bold colours and textures that make the art come alive. Look no further, this GQ artist knows how to engage and entertain!

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Spin Starlets



The Spin Starlets are a futuristic fusion of technology,  choreography, costumes, cirque and music. The incredibly innovative performance puts these starlets at the forefront of modern, corporate entertainment.

The Spin Starlets are a group of three to five fresh, strong, and charismatic women. They combine state of the art LED props, such as hula hoops, poi, fans, ropes and wands with choreographed routines to music. Their custom costumes can change depending on the theme and are a spectacle in their own right.  Their look is topped with LED motion sensor goggles and white wigs.

These starlets make your brand come alive by incorporating logos, text and images; mixed with abstract designs in an array of vivid colours and shapes. They create striking and viral-worthy moments, for  maximum digital impact. We know this is what todays planners yearn for and expect. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The Spin Starlets know how to take it up a notch! Blend their combined talents, add a good dose of LEDsprinkle in fresh beats and together they create fire (in a safe non-flammable way, of course). These women bring the energy and excitement your event needs!

*** With a costume designer, choreographer and DJ on this team, your act can be customized in any way!!

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»[Most Wanted]

Over here at The Idea Hunter office there is a buzz of excitement going on, a secret we’ve been keeping, that we are so excited to finally share.

It is the premiere of our brand-new musical group, that has never been seen before!!

most wanted full

Now, you’re probably asking; ‘Why has this band never been seen before?’

[Most Wanted] is a brand new band- rising out of a collaboration between our Chief Idea Hunter and four individual talented musicians and singers!


[Most Wanted] is the brain child of our Chief Idea Hunter, Janice Cardinale, Chris MacFarlane music producer & guitarist and Danyka, with her beautiful, award winning vocals.

“The idea to create [Most Wanted] was born out of a passion and a demand for smaller groups”, said Janice. She and Chris set out to create the group.

The new band is a combined vision and a collaboration of four incredible musicians, including Evan on the Saxophone and Kintaro on the bass.

This exclusive four-piece group is made up of vivacious, refreshing and young talented musicians. Together they cover a large musical range, with a specialty in pop, rock and classics. 

Most Wanted 1

[Most Wanted] is the perfect group suitable for cocktail hours, dinner or the after party. 

They remix old and new favourites, getting the party started and filling the dance floor.

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»uRequest Live

Are you ready…



Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.42.11 AM



The Idea Hunter is excited to introduce a new exclusive corporate band! uRL (uRequest Live) is an interactive, experiential band, that allows guests to choose their own songs!

uRL merges interactive technology with a curated 10 piece band. The audience is able to make song requests using our touchscreen jukebox or their own smartphones.

Promo Shot

How it works
Easy as…

Step 1
Browse the extensive song list using touchscreen “jukeboxes” or your smartphone, then request as many of your favourite songs as you like!

Step 2
Leave your name, a message, shout out or dedication for the band. ARL plays the audiences most requested songs!

Step 3
Dance, Dance, Dance!

Great Ideas to Incorporate uRL into your Next Event!


  • uRL’s Jukebox and app can be branded with your logo or custom message.
  • uRL’s app integrates seamlessly into conference apps such as EventMobi, which allows guests to quickly and easily make requests from the event app.
  • We love that uRL boosts engagement at your events! It gives people who aren’t dancers a way to participate on the dance floor. You can add aVideo DJ and make guests feel like they are at a live concert!
  • Charity/ Donations! Guests can be prompted to make a donation through the app by purchasing song requests!


If you would like to BOOK uRL for your next event, please CONTACT US!