»[Most Wanted]

Over here at The Idea Hunter office there is a buzz of excitement going on, a secret we’ve been keeping, that we are so excited to finally share.

It is the premiere of our brand-new musical group, that has never been seen before!!

most wanted full

Now, you’re probably asking; ‘Why has this band never been seen before?’

[Most Wanted] is a brand new band- rising out of a collaboration between our Chief Idea Hunter and four individual talented musicians and singers!


[Most Wanted] is the brain child of our Chief Idea Hunter, Janice Cardinale, Chris MacFarlane music producer & guitarist and Danyka, with her beautiful, award winning vocals.

“The idea to create [Most Wanted] was born out of a passion and a demand for smaller groups”, said Janice. She and Chris set out to create the group.

The new band is a combined vision and a collaboration of four incredible musicians, including Evan on the Saxophone and Kintaro on the bass.

This exclusive four-piece group is made up of vivacious, refreshing and young talented musicians. Together they cover a large musical range, with a specialty in pop, rock and classics. 

Most Wanted 1

[Most Wanted] is the perfect group suitable for cocktail hours, dinner or the after party. 

They remix old and new favourites, getting the party started and filling the dance floor.

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»uRequest Live

Are you ready…



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The Idea Hunter is excited to introduce a new exclusive corporate band! uRL (uRequest Live) is an interactive, experiential band, that allows guests to choose their own songs!

uRL merges interactive technology with a curated 10 piece band. The audience is able to make song requests using our touchscreen jukebox or their own smartphones.

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How it works
Easy as…

Step 1
Browse the extensive song list using touchscreen “jukeboxes” or your smartphone, then request as many of your favourite songs as you like!

Step 2
Leave your name, a message, shout out or dedication for the band. ARL plays the audiences most requested songs!

Step 3
Dance, Dance, Dance!

Great Ideas to Incorporate uRL into your Next Event!


  • uRL’s Jukebox and app can be branded with your logo or custom message.
  • uRL’s app integrates seamlessly into conference apps such as EventMobi, which allows guests to quickly and easily make requests from the event app.
  • We love that uRL boosts engagement at your events! It gives people who aren’t dancers a way to participate on the dance floor. You can add aVideo DJ and make guests feel like they are at a live concert!
  • Charity/ Donations! Guests can be prompted to make a donation through the app by purchasing song requests!


If you would like to BOOK uRL for your next event, please CONTACT US!