Coffee Stations

Coffee art, mobile stations, cold brews, are among just a few of the options for life blood coffee that we have available! If you don’t see your coffee needs below please contact us!


Barista Brian

Barista Brian

Coffee Artist

Brian is an artist based in Toronto. He has garnered international media attention for his “Barista Brian Latte Art” creations.

After starting his creative latte art, he was noticed by local media and Brian was named Toronto’s Best Latte Artist, 2015. Collaborating with international brands, clothing companies, and many major media outlets, he continues to push boundaries as a barista and artist. Music festivals, international film festivals, celebrity galas and major awards shows have all featured his latte art!

Create beautiful drinks that will be sure to create lasting memories at your next corporate event! Don’t be remembered for bad coffee…

Latte Booth

Latte Booth

Mobile Coffee

Our state of the art mobile Latte Booth is equipped with a premium Italian espresso machine & coffee grinder. Guests have the option of serving themselves or we can provide a professional barista to prepare the drinks.

Our Latte Booths are portable and can fit to any space, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. They are a simple and perfect addition to every event.

Specialty lattes • Cappuccinos • Americano • Macchiato • Ristretto • Espresso

Station Cold Brew

Station Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Station Cold Brew Coffee made a big splash, as a result of appearing on the reality TV show, ‘Dragon’s Den’. And they haven’t slowed down since!

When you need some refreshing drinks at your corporate event- we have the perfect option with Cold Brew!  Combine the pleasure of drinking a cold beer with the effects of a warm cup of coffee!

Contact us to have Station Cold Brew at your next event! We love working with Cold Brew. We provide on-location knowledgable staff to serve and ensure everything runs smoothly and most importantly, to elevate your event.


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