Digital Art

Digital iPad Art

Digital iPad Art

Digital Art is created to truly look like oil paintings, watercolour, or pixels, etc. The iPad Tablet Is the new canvas.

Watch our tech savvy artists draw live, as they fuse design, image and colour on their iPads. Beautiful scenes and “paintings” are created digitally and as a result guests can “take home” the artwork and share it on their social networks. We know that in today’s digital world, the digital impact your event can have is vital to a successful event.

The promotion of sustainability is one of the most noteworthy reasons Digital Art is celebrated.  In an increasingly aware and polluted world, we all try to do our part to reduce our footprint. Digital art cuts out the need for a large amount of materials.

Digital iPad art is ideal for product launches, branding and marketing campaigns.  Make experiences for your guests that translate into digital marketing. 


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