Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums

Psychic Mediums

Hire one of our insightful Psychic Mediums for your next event. Get an all access pass into exploring the past, understanding the present, and predicting the future. Your guests will have fun while exploring the psychic world. We have a roster of psychics that cover a variety of ares in the otherworldly arts, using extrasensory perceptions.

Tarot Cards • Astrology • Numerology • Hand Writing Analysis • Crystal Ball • Tea Leaf Reading• Palm reading

Our featured Psychic Medium, Kristina the psychic offers the guests at your event a look into the future and understanding the past and how you got to where you are. She offers intimate moments to guests at events, ones they are sure to talk about and remember.

“I’ve hired Kristina through The Idea Hunter several times – she never disappoints! Kristina is warm, personable, and incredibly gifted. Our clients are consistently impressed with the quality of Kristina’s readings and I will continue to work with Kristina whenever possible!”

   ~ Moriah (Tourism Toronto)


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